James and Mariah Mitchell, Snoqualmie, WA 98065

In October 2006, we moved into a home in Snoqualmie that needed a good amount of remodeling work including removing a closet and creating an entryway into the front room, building a laundry room, installing a sliding glass door and relocating a side window and converting our garage to a workable office space. We had planned to do this work over the course of a year but needed to have it done sooner due to my wife Mariah’s chemical sensitivities. Upon purchasing our home and living in the house for a few days Mariah realized that the carpets were making her sick and had to be removed. Since the carpeting had to be removed and pre-finished hardwood floors had to be installed, we decided to go ahead with the rest of the remodeling at that time as well. This created a difficult situation; as we had to get the work scheduled quickly and the materials used had to be as non-toxic as possible.

We were referred to Brad through the Environmental Home Center. From the day he came to give us a quote we felt so grateful that he was available to do the work. He was thorough, had many resources for non-toxic building supplies and was very professional. His quotes were organized, easy to read and his rates were incredibly reasonable for the quality of work he can perform. He was so thorough that he suggested we contact a structural engineer before he started the project and worked with the engineer to finalize plans before he proceeded. We so appreciated that he made every effort to ensure for the safety and integrity of our home so as to make it livable to our needs and high enough quality to improve the value for future resale.

During the work, Brad was faced with numerous challenges. Our floors were being installed at the same time that he was doing his work so he had to work around that. He also had to work around furniture as we had already moved in and were still trying to run our business during the remodeling.

And the weather was extremely difficult including the big windstorm and power outage and heavy rain during that period at the end of the year. He commuted a good distance each day through this weather and there were many days where he was outside working in the cold rain. Even with all of these obstacles, he finished the entire project on time.

We were very satisfied with his work and highly recommend Brad for remodeling and carpentry work of all types. For any future projects we need in this home or another, as long as Brad is in the business, we’ll do our best to enlist his support. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for further information regarding any of the projects Brad has worked on for us.

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    ~ Earl Nightingale

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