Hayslip/Cope Kitchen Remodel

These homeowners had an initial reluctance about entering into a remodeling project, not knowing where or how to begin, but they knew it was time for several big changes to improve their life in the home. The thought of a full blown, demo down to the studs kitchen remodel was similar to trying to figure out how to build a rocket to go to the moon for them. But after pairing them up with a talented architect that I thought would be a good match for the project, they comfortably settled into a shared collaboration in the design and building process. This kitchen remodel ultimately turned out to be not only what I would like to aspire to as a textbook model for any future home remodeling projects but they were great clients whom I’ve come to appreciate as friends as a result. It’s rare that such a disruptive process such as home remodeling works like clockwork and everything from the planning, demo, framing, scheduling, doors and windows—to the finish carpentry with a zero punch list at the end is executed flawlessly on time and within the budget. If I could give myself an award for “Best in Show Kitchen Remodel”, this would be it.

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