First Advent Christian Church

In 1925, the original founders of this First Advent Christian Church probably didn’t have the same vision that developer Michael Christ had in 2007 for this Capitol Hill church. While the founders plan had been to create a space to feed the soul, Michael’s was to play his music with soul, and he needed a space big enough to do it in.

In addition to being the principle of a successful land development company, Michael loves to play guitar and he has previously owned a successful recording company and label.

An opportunity presented itself to him to purchase the church, and the wheels started turning in his head. It was his vision to convert this house of worship into a venerable church of rock-and-roll.

Before his vision could come to fruition, the building needed some redemption, and he asked me to be the general contractor to oversee the necessary ministrations for healing. To start with, virtually all 200 windows needed some type of repair. This part of the projects ranged from simply replacing broken or missing panes due to vandalism, to skilled finish carpentry needed to completely rebuild many of the window frames. We made hundreds, if not thousands of minor adjustments to ensure that windows were properly closed and locked to seal out drafts. A new office was created, and rotted existing unique architectural exterior features had to be duplicated and replaced, as well as putting on a new roof and cap. A bright fresh coat of paint was applied inside and out, so as to bring any rhythm and blues devotee to their knees.

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