Edmonds Bowden Residence

Tom and Lorraine had previously acted as their own general contractor on their second story addition onto their 1920s era Greenlake home. But they had run out of steam and couldn’t do the finish carpentry themselves. So they contacted me after meeting me at my booth at the Phinney Ridge Home and Remodeling show. They needed all the new doors and windows trimmed out, and new wood base cut and installed throughout the addition, which to a finish carpenter is pretty standard stuff. But what captured my interest and imagination was the opportunity to rebuild their old existing stain grade staircase.

To this finish carpenter, stairs are what an aria is to opera, what enlightenment is to a spiritual seeker, or the summit to the mountaineer. Finish carpentry for stain grade stairs requires a level of precision that many carpenters who usually just do the framing for home remodeling get frustrated doing, because of the necessary attention to detail and craftsmanship that’s required. I endeavor to maintain that level of craftsmanship and attention to detail in all of the finish carpentry and home remodeling projects I do, from framing to finish.

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