Collins Residence 2005-2007, Phases 1 and 2

I am pleased to have been selected as the General Contractor of this extensive, multi-phased, home remodeling project that will take several years to complete. The scope of the project was to marry the historical elegance of this 104-year-old, 10,000 sq. foot Capitol Hill Mansion with 21st century materials and sensibilities. The house has a colorful history—from its elegant beginnings at the turn of the 20th century, through a series of subsequent creative (and, in some cases not so creative) do-it-yourself home remodels up to the current homeowners who are using their vision as professional architects to bring this local gem back to life.

The 2005 and 2007 renovations included structural modifications to help straighten out walls, floors and ceilings. Steel beams were added to strengthen existing sagging floors and transfer and distribute the weight of the house. The finish carpentry required duplicating trim that was originally hand carved a hundred years ago, building new custom fir doors and oval windows to match the existing ones and building new window seats with working drawers. Hardwood floors were completely refinished with custom stains, the paint was completely stripped, and refinishing work was done on the exterior on the street side of the house. The completed space was a welcoming bedroom made for the daughter of the family.

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