Collins Residence 2010 Addition

Before the Collins called me in August 2009 to look at their latest plans, the average project size and duration I usually spent on any client’s project was about three- to-six months of time. The thought of spending an entire year doing a single home remodeling project initially seemed to me like the kind of project that is usually reserved for larger general contractors. But the Collins and I had developed a shared collaborative style and confidence over the last 5-6 years, and it felt right to do such an involved home remodeling project together. They were confident in my open, transparent project management style and finish carpentry skills, and chose me for this exciting custom project.

In an average home remodeling project it’s not uncommon to just go to a lumberyard or big box store to buy materials. But in a 104-year-old house, where we needed to match foundation blocks for the new addition, we just couldn’t go out and buy them. They simply weren’t available. So we had to get creative and be patient while we had the new foundation blocks and concrete custom manufactured to match the existing size, shape and color.

Extremely accurate and precise layout at the foundation had to be observed, so the complicated finish carpentry of the intricate crown assembly at the roof lines would align seamlessly and ultimately stop exactly 3/4 ” from where it was specified to land on adjacent walls. Creative solutions had to be resolved to re-configure the slope of the roof over the occupied kitchen so rain water would drain off while staying hidden through the columns and new foundation.

The custom-milled trim for the beautiful finish carpentry resulted in seamlessly complimenting the six custom polycrete columns made in Georgia and sitting on a wall cap at the foundation of custom-cut Wilkerson Sandstone blocks. Two custom copper skylights manufactured in New England protect the two entries from the rain. I wish all my home remodeling projects could be this enjoyable and interesting.

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